Your family story in pictures

What will you remember when you look through the photo album of your life? How will your children remember their childhood? Baking cookies in the kitchen with your mum, playing football with your dad in the backyard, or maybe reading a book by the fireplace with your granny? These moments of LOVE, TOGETHERNESS and JOY  will become your true legacy that will be passed on from generation to generation.  The pace of our everyday life is becoming faster and faster, leaving us little chance to stop and enjoy these little moments. Together we will recreate these magic moments, and I will be there with my camera to write a beautiful story of your family in pictures!



What can I expect from the photo session with Magic Wand Photo?

The secret of a successful family photo session is preparation! So, during a pre-consultation we will together plan the activities for the day, decide on the location, and I will give you some tips on what to wear for your session. The family session can take place at your home or outdoors (many families decide to do both, and I am happy to accommodate this wish!).

Your home will be a perfect place to start a family session. We can also go together to your favourite park or playground, do a picnic by the lake or stop for a coffee in your favourite café. There is no time pressure and we can be flexible to adjust to your family rhythm and mood of the day. Generally, within 1.5-2 hours we will have a good variety of images, including family portraits, individual and group portraits of the kids and, of course, various activity shots. There are plenty of games in my magic bag and you will not even notice how time flies by!


What is included in the package?

My goal is to make the photo  session a most pleasant and memorable experience. So, not stress, you don't need to make any commitment or decide  what you would like to do with the photos until you actually see them in your online proofing gallery about 2-3 weeks after the photo session. Generally, there will be 50-60 photos in your gallery for you to choose from, and you will have four weeks to select your digital files or print products.

The session fee is 250 CHF and you will get a voucher from me with the same amount that you can use to order digital files or print products from your online gallery. For example,  you can use this credit for a beautiful custom designed photo album or 20 digital images (printable up to 13*18 cm).  Please contact me for a full price list of digital files, print products and collections.